Need an efficient method of removing plastic from extrusion and injection molding machine components?

Do you want a method to clean your components promising no part damage, one-step process, time savings, scrub-free spotless cleaning, and no more flame torching, manual brushing, or harsh chemicals?


A high-temperature calcinator may be just the answer for the polymer-coated components from your injection molding and extrusion machines.


Berlyn ECM Calcinators are designed with the latest technology in digital PID temperature controllers and over-temp protection as well as provide a safe, non-abrasive process of stripping unwanted plastics from a wide range of parts, including:


  • Nozzles
  • Dies
  • Extruder and injection screws
  • Breaker plates
  • Crossheads
  • Filter plates
  • Fixtures


Our calcinators also can be used to reclaim parts that otherwise might be discarded by removing a variety of other organic and inorganic materials, such as powdered coatings, spray paint, epoxy, polymers and oils.



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