Breathe New Life into Your Extrusion Equipment




Affordable refurbishing and upgrading of your existing extrusion equipment provides the most production and efficiency available without the cost of a new system. Berlyn ECM, Inc. services all Berlyn products as well as most other brands of equipment. Our services include:

  • Feed screws and barrels for new applications
  • Feed screw rebuilding
  • Die and head replacements
  • Gearcase retrofit packages for all brands of extruders
  • Process control upgrades
  • L/D conversions
  • Extruder upgrades
  • Air-to-water and water-to-air conversion packages
  • Internal Diameter Increase (IDI) conversion packages
  • Complete system overhauls
  • Upgrade older equipment to meet safety and environmental regulations

Not sure whether you should refurbish your existing equipment or buy new?

Contact us today to discuss all of the options that are available. We'll complete a quick cost analysis to find out which makes sense from both a profitability and production standpoint.