The removal of water from cooled strands, rods, tubes, wire, cable, and various other products is essential to all plastics processing operations

The Berlyn ECM Air Stripper design features which include the high velocity of air flow, the approach angle of the product, and the nozzle shape are the key to our success in providing a precision quality operation.


We also make available to all wire and cable manufacturers an air stripper model designed with a round orifice to break away water from the cable.


Another advantage is our sheet metal design which creates significant cost savings in the construction of air strippers, and our use of heavy gauge steel ensures a long-lasting, rugged, and durable unit.


We also help keep noise levels within OSHA-sanctioned levels by isolating other parts using shock mounts, baffles and stiffening materials on consoles.


That same level of engineering precision contributes to other quality features of our air strippers, including the unique series of internal baffles that distribute air evenly throughout the air stripper nozzle.


Our air strippers can be customized to your specific application through a range of available options including centerline height, console or separate head, remote blowers to save valuable floor space, and stainless steel guides and motor starters.



Strong relationships in the industry

From start-up companies to existing primary processors worldwide, we work closely with several industry leading companies to customize your system beyond the Berlyn ECM products.

To find out more about the Berlyn ECM product lineup, call (508) 852-0040 or contact us here. We can't wait to connect with you!