A complete system consisting of a pelletizer, die, closed loop tempered water system with centrifugal dryer and dewatering system, and electrical controls

The system is constructed of rugged steel and is designed to utilize less floor space creating a more economical and compact process operation. State-of-the-art safety features are incorporated throughout the system.


  • Flow rates up to 6,600 lbs./hour
  • A low maintenance, simple and robust design developed to help the operator adjust blades as necessary to maintain contact of blade to die resulting in a uniform and precise pellet
  • A flexible head arrangement that allows for rotor alignment and proper blade engagement with the die to reduce blade wear.
  • An electrically heated die constructed of high wear resistant alloy material and custom designed to customer's rate and material
  • Standard- or micro-sized pellets
  • A closed loop tempered water system that heats and cools automatically to regulate process temperature
  • A dewatering system that separates excess water from pellets prior to entering the centrifugal dryer
  • A centrifugal dryer system that achieves levels of .05% or less surface moisture. Special forced hot air option is available for intense drying
  • A PLC programmable control system that monitors several independent functions
  • Automatic start/stop features


The underwater pelletizer system interfaces with Berlyn ECM Extrusion Systems or the customer's existing extrusion or melt pump system.



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