Replacement Parts for Plastic Extrusion Equipment

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Our Spare Parts Team will help to identify and secure the correct parts for your equipment. We're laser focused on processing your orders and shipments as quickly as possible to avoid downtime. All in-stock parts can be shipped within one business day.

Find replacement parts for most machines in the plastic extrusion industry
Berlyn ECM, Inc. supplies replacement parts for all equipment it sells. Whether you have a newer piece of machinery or equipment from the early 1960's, we can service your parts needs. We keep all equipment records in easy to access files, so we can respond to your requests quickly and accurately.

Spare parts and service for most brands of extrusion equipment are supplied as well. Customers rely on Berlyn ECM for Screws, Barrels, Feed Throats, Heaters, Motors, and many other components for the extrusion industry.

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Service for Plastic Extrusion Machines & Equipment

PM inspections

Berlyn ECM can perform a complete Preventative Maintenance (PM) Inspection of your extrusion equipment, checking all components and compiling an extensive check list report. This report will highlight all the items that have to be maintained, refurbished, or replaced.


Berlyn ECM offers field services to align extruder barrels on newly installed and recently moved or rebuilt machines. All extruders 3 1/2" in diameter and above should be borescoped in place to insure proper alignment of all components before the feed screw is installed and the machine is put into service.

Barrel and Screw Measurement Services

Berlyn ECM can perform a complete Barrel and Screw Inspection compiling an extensive degree of wear report charted using SPI recommended dimensional guidelines. The report will include our comprehensive recommended solutions.

Installation Services

Berlyn ECM can perform installations of equipment, calibrate and start-up machinery systems.

Training Seminars

Berlyn ECM On-Site Service Engineers are available for training seminars for customer maintenance and production staff.

Berlyn ECM provides dependable service throughout the entire life cycle of your extrusion equipment. Service technicians are available to handle emergency parts inquiries and service needs.

Need help maintaining extrusion machines at your facility?
With over 50+ years of experience in the industry, Berlyn ECM has the knowledge to help you properly install and maintain your equipment. Contact us to learn more!